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Home Health allows the patient to receive nursing care and therapy services in the comfort of their own home and remain independent members of their community.

There are many reasons that the doctor would want home care services to come to his/her patient’s home. Below are just a few examples:

• Diagnosis of a new medical condition – our nurses will help the patient in understanding his/her condition, teaching the patient and those close to the patient what to expect and how to respond to changes he/she feels. The nurses will also teach the patient about new medicines, what the medicine is for and how to take the medicine safely.
• Recent Discharge from Hospital or Nursing Home – our nurses will help in the move back to home by providing care and monitoring of the patient. The nurse will teach the patient about new medicines along with any other cares the patient/family needs to learn while making sure the patient is safe at home. The nurse will keep in close contact with the patient’s doctor. This support and attention helps keep patients from having to return to the hospital.
• Difficulty managing at home – patients who have a hard time taking medications as needed, do not understand diet changes or how to take care of wounds can benefit from having a home health nurse. The nurse can teach the patient or review teaching that was done before as well as work together with the patient/family on ways to make it easier for the patient to take care of themselves.

• Close Medical Supervision Needed – many patients have medical conditions which require close watching with changes in the medicines the patient takes. It may not be easy for the patient to go to the physician’s office so often but our nurses can monitor you and contact your doctor to make those changes as often as needed
• Frequent Falls / Weakness – patients who have increased weakness and falls at home are at higher risk for severe injuries. Nurses and therapists are able evaluate the home and develop programs to build up the patients strength and help make changes in the home to keep the patient safe
• Inability to do every day activities – patients who are unable to bath and dress themselves are at risk for problems. Our nurses, therapists and home health aides can work with the patient helping the patient to bath, dress or feed him/herself. The patient can be provided with supplies/equipment to make it easy for the patient to care for themselves

• General evaluation – our care team can come to the patient’s home and evaluate for any needs. Sometimes, there are services available for a patient he/she may not be aware of. We have social workers who perform home visits and can assist in arranging services for the patient.

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